Pricing Policy

We are a non for profit organisation. We believe that it is everyone’s right to learn how to protect themselves. We aim to improve others’ lives. Our fees reflect  this. They  are just to make the organisation sustainable, but if you still  can’t afford tour  fees, please don’t hesitate to talk to us. We will be happy to help you including offering you a free of charge lessons. You always are welcome. 

Annual Insurance Fee

Our members are required to pay a £30 annual insurance fee. This is according to the requirement by British Taekwondo and World Taekwondo to ensure everybody who practices Taekwondo is insured.

Grading Fees

Our members participate in frequent grading sessions. These grading sessions happens outside of normal training days and are to be paid for at a price of £30.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are payable by cash, cheque, or bank transfer at the beginning of each month.

Cancellation Policy

4 weeks notice is required if you want to cancel

Holiday Pause

Payment cannot be paused in case of holidays or not being able to attend without 4 weeks notice

Per Hourly/Session Pay

We do not charge per hour or session. The rationale behind that is that we want a commitment from students to gain the maximum benefits of sessions.


NTC Derby aims to involve as many students as possible to learn and practice the art of Taekwondo. Our price reflects this and no other club has good price packages like we do.

ONE session a week
TWO sessions a week
THREE sessions a week
Additional family member 10% discount