Who We Are


National Taekwondo Club (NTC) was established more than five decades ago by Master Hetherington, making it officially the UK’s longest-serving Taekwondo Club. In addition to Derby, we have three branches in Nottingham (Nottingham Central, Arnold and OMAC-UK in Gedling), Coventry, Liverpool, London, and Rotherham.

National Taekwondo Club – Derby (NTC Derby) is a non for profit organisation whose objectives are:

Taekwondo Promotion

The advancement of the sport by promoting the game of Taekwondo for the benefits of the residents of Derby and its environs.

Life Improvement

The provision of facilities for the learning, teaching, and playing of Taekwondo for the benefits of the residents of Derby and its environs with object of improving the condition of life.

Many Taekwondo instructors will tell you that Taekwondo is an Olympic sport, which is true, but not all will tell you that we are the only Taekwondo Club in the city of Derby that practices Olympic Taekwondo as developed and practiced in South Korea and the only group that is a full member of the official national governing body for Olympic Taekwondo, and that is British Taekwondo which’s functions include responsibility for the selection of National Teams to compete at International and Olympic level.

We have trained British and European champions. We have also had a number of students selected to train with and represent Great Britain. We also have dedicated children’s classes throughout the week at school venues across the UK.