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Students explore Korean culture with Taekwondo event

Students studying Korean Language courses at Burton and South Derbyshire College recently took part in a Taekwondo workshop delivered by NTC Derby, the longest serving Taekwondo Club in the U.K. The session was held at Shobnall Leisure Complex and was an opportunity for BSDC Korean Language learners and members of the wider community to find […]

Pass Move Grin Taekwondo Scholarships in Partnership with award winning NTC

Pass Move Grin – Full time Education and Sports Scholarships OPEN to for All current YEAR 11 & 12 STUDENTS . 75 Scholarship places have been applied for so. Brand new Pass Move Grin Taekwondo Scholarships in Partnership with award winning NTC If your a year 11/12 click this link to apply NTC (National […]

Taekwondo group in 70s earn black belts

Three people in their 70s have earned a black belt in Taekwondo having only taken up the martial art five years ago. Seventy-five-year-olds Keith Harry and Jean Glanville, and 70-year-old Kathy Harry, earned their belts after attending classes at their local village hall in Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire. Another woman in the group – Kathy Finnegan, […]

Overprotective Parents

If you want your children to become better prepared to deal with life’s problems, please don’t be an overprotective parent. Expose your children to a reasonable amount of challenges, but also remember that they need your protection, empathy, caring, and compassion. Find the correct balance. Always ask yourself two questions: Am I challenging them enough? […]

Military Taekwondo

Many people do not know that Taekwondo was at one time the official martial art of both the South and North Korean Militaries. Fewer know that it had an effect on other early modern military martial arts programs – one example being, manual ST 31-204 which appears to have been for US Special Forces. The […]