Rules & Etiquettes

The Dojang is a place where we perfect ourselves both physically and mentally.

Always remember to: 

1. Show respect and courtesy to your classmates.

2. Come to class before it begins. If it is unavoidable to be late, then it is better to attend part of the class than not at all.

3. Bow when entering and leaving the Dojang.

4. Honour and respect your instructors by bowing when seeing them for the first time and when leaving as well as when you require their assistance.

5. Shoes must be removed at the door and placed in a tidy manner under the table.

6. A clean official uniform should be worn during the training. If for any reasons you can’t come in uniform, it is better to come without uniform than not at all.

7. Maintaining a good standard of personal hygiene is essential in a contact martial art. Fingernails and toenails must be kept short and clean. Long hair should be tied back.

8. During the class, the instructor who is taking the class must be addressed by students as Sir.

9. Whenever you are given an instruction, the student replies to the instruction by saying big loud “Yes Sir”

10. No jewellery may be worn during practice.

11. Always ask for the permission of the instructor if you need to move from your place for any reason.

12. Wait to adjust your clothes during rest command (cho).

13. Control should always come before power or speed. Train to be focused. Do not become distracted because someone enters or opens the door. Always focus on your partner’s eyes.  Always focus straight ahead at the target. Always look at the instructor when she or he is demonstrating. This is not a place to look out the window. Focus, pay attention and train yourself to be mentally alert, aware and prepared.

As part of the nation’s longest serving Taekwondo club, you’ll meet new friends, embark on a sporting journey like no other and become part of a family-like atmosphere that’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Your wonderful and exciting journey has just begun!